Los angeles Segua: a Warning to inebriated and Unfaithful guys in Costa Rica.

Legends aren’t just a very important repository of a people’s traditions, but in addition a powerful social apparatus planning to scan unwanted behavior.

“La Segua” is a Costa Rican legend that chastises inappropriate and free women behavior, as well as drunken and unfaithful task of males, thus strengthening sex stereotypes within a Latin-American context. The storyline occurs in Cartago, the existing capital of Costa Rica (earlier was actually transferred to San Jose in 1823).

Cartago was actually the oldest Spanish settlement in Costa Rica, going back to 1563; the reality that the story of Los Angeles Segua happen in Cartago try significant, considering that the tale is actually fundamentally colonial in nature, and thus, it provides both indigenous and Spanish characteristics which certainly enhance but also clash with one another.

The gist from the story will be the appropriate. There was clearly as soon as a lovely Cartaginesa (feminine inhabitant of Cartago) of mixed Indian and Spanish bloodstream. She actually is usually depicted as having breathtaking white skin which contrasts together with her jet-black attention and cascading long-hair. One of the forms of this legend says that she fell deeply in love with a Spanish policeman exactly who tricked this lady and smashed this lady heart.

The precise way the guy “tricked” the lady just isn’t completely obvious, but there is an obvious recommendation that it present some poor improvements, sexual in the wild, and intensely forbidden for a girl from good Catholic group. Following Spanish rogue got vanished, the girl gone insane, and a terrible curse befell this lady, flipping the lady into a monster, permanently destined to inquire depressed highways.

Los angeles Segua*, while the monster is called, presents due to the fact gorgeous woman that she used to be, and she waits of the roadside for unsuspecting guys who does end up being riding their own horses after a long night of heavy-drinking in town. Attracted to the sweetness, they recognize supply their a ride on the pony, but because they turnaround, as opposed to beholding the enchanting friend, they arrive one on one with a horrendous monster using the skull of a horse and fiery yellow eyes. The warning is clear: guys should stay away not merely from heavy-drinking, but the majority significantly, from appealing lonely women who can tempt all of them away from their family lifetime. Women are perhaps not excused from the warning. Being never be transformed into a heinous apparition, cursed to inquire permanently, solitary lady shouldn’t surrender to improvements of males.

Moreover, La Segua’s destiny can be worst because it’s, because like La Malinche, the Mexican Indian woman whom served as Cortes’s translator and lover (Cortes was the ruthless,main Spanish conquistador of Mexico), she is betraying their visitors by dropping deeply in love with a Spaniard, the oppressor.

And even though La Segua had been of mixed-blood, in a colonial framework that would not spot her for a passing fancy stage as individuals of “pure” Spanish origin. For that reason, Los Angeles Segua cannot merely betray the honour of this lady families caused by the woman licentious conduct, but by sleeping because of the opposing forces. After providing this Costa Rican legend, issue concerning “Gothic” nature of the story continues to be. Yes, you can find medieval details, such as a curse, the supernatural, fear, the beast, the unsuspecting rider on a lonely street,coming upon this terrible creature which very nearly scares them to death, etc. But should this kind of legend, along with other myths that are folkloric be viewed medieval, given that they contain these items?

Were these stories, owned by an oral traditions, as well remote to the written now filmic practices becoming thought about medieval? I’ll be showing two a lot more Costa Rican conventional tales that’ll hopefully stimulate a discussion along these reasons.

More terrifying creatures, drunken males and disobedient women can be in store, but till the subsequent legend, we could all look at the issue of exactly how “Gothic” or otherwise not a legend is likely to be, and perhaps actually remember European advice which could simplify the issue rather. *Segua generally seems to are based on the phrase “Sihua,” which means lady in Nahuatl. Nahuatl is actually a small grouping of Mesoamerican languages of Aztecan or Nahuan origin. Aztecs spoke Nahuatl, and currently 1.5 million people in Central Mexico speak a Nahuan language. There is an friendfinder Zoeken Indian legend of this Sihuanaba or Segua in Nicaragua, along with they, the Sihuehuet or “beautiful lady” have a love affair aided by the boy of jesus Tlaloc. She has their child, but in purchase to get to know the girl enthusiast, she actually is a bad mother, continuously making the woman daughter by yourself.

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