Their mountaine standeth verie neere the previous, and that is laden up with woods and you will lions

The fresh society are called Sanaga, and are also people extremely patient of all the boisterous and cold temperatures

The following is zero citie, nor other host to habitation, perhaps by the cause of your significant coldnes of the place. Out of this mountaine runneth good certaine absolutely nothing riuer: this is how try a good rocke off a going over height, whereupon keepe infinit swarmes off crowes and you may rauens, hence particular thinke so you can haue beene the new celebration of your label with the mountaine. A while new dreadful northerly windes promote such as for instance abundance from accumulated snow vpon which mountaine, one to such as for example trauell off Numidia to your Fez sagging their Tones and so, as hath beene signified in the first booke. Euerie sommer the brand new Arabians 2nd inhabiting, beeing entitled Beni Essen, vsually lodge vnto which mountaine, when it comes of your coole h2o and you will pleasant shadowes, notwithstanding it knowe it to be troubled which have high shop away from lions and you may leopards.219

Their nothing towne is actually by the Africans built in means of an excellent fort vpon the side away from a tiny riuer and therefore runneth because of the foote of the foresaid mountaine : both the inhabitants in addition to their households try very feet and you will destitute of all ciuilitie. The industries are enuironed on mountaines adioyning, give foorth specific short quantitie out-of barley and you may peaches. This new populace are all subiect vnto certaine Arabians named Deuil Chusein.220

His auncient towne beeing shed because of the Arabians are situate about twelue miles off Tezerghe vpon the south side off Atlas. It’s very unsafe a place from the reason of commonly inuasions regarding certaine Arabians, you to none nearly dare trauell like that. Indeed there lyeth a means neere which towne, and therefore one may not passe in place of dauncing and you can leaping, vnlesse he will fall under an enthusiastic ague: the fresh new certaintie whereof I haue read of many auouch.221 Out-of install Beni Merasen. The guy populace of this exceeding large and you may colde mountaine haue high plentie out-of ponies and asses: listed below are store regarding mules while doing so, hence carie products vice president and you may downe as opposed to both bridle otherwise saddle. Their houses were created not having walles out of stone, but regarding rushes. The individuals are steeped, and you will shell out zero tribute on the queen, possibly when it comes of your own solid situation of the mountaine.222

From attach Mesettasa. Their mountaine extendeth in total regarding eastern to west almost thirtie miles, and you can twelue miles in bredth. It is similar to vnto the brand new foresaid mountaine, both in esteem of your people, as well as for plentie regarding horses and you can mules. From the Fez you’ll find high store out-of learned males that happen to be borne inside mountaine : they pay no tribute after all, however, onely send the brand new king particularly gift suggestions given that themselues delight.223

Of one’s mountaines away from Ziz. Hese mountaines are considered in order to haue lent the label of an effective certaine riuer springing from them. Eastward it initiate from the Mesettaza, and you can increase westward with the mountaines from Tedla and Dedis, southward they

South west part thereof adioineth vpon the fresh plaine off Edecsen, and that bordereth vpon Temesna

border vpon you to definitely part of Numidia called Segelmesse, and you may northward vpon this new plaines out-of Edecsen and you will Guregra: in length it containe an enthusiastic hundred or so, and also in bredth nearly fortie miles: from inside the number they are fifteene, getting very cool and difficult so you’re able to climb up, and you will sending foorth of numerous streames out-of water. They weare but you to finish after all 12 months of the yeere, ouer which they shed a great kinde off cloke otherwise mantle : their feet and you will feete they wrap from inside the certaine gowns because was in fact from inside the swathing rings, and additionally they goe all the time exposed-headed. Within mountaine are perfect store of mules, asses, or any other cattell, but few deserts. The fresh people is actually a many raunchy and you may villanous generation, getting wholy dependent on thieves and you can robberie. He’s within continuall discord into the Arabians, and you may knowledge daily mischiefes and you can inconueniences facing her or him, and the end they may prouoke them to deeper furie, they’ll often throwe its camels downe headlong on the most useful of a few highest mountaine.224 Within these slopes there happeneth a certaine strange and incredible amount, to have there are serpents thus familiar with males, that on dining- Domcsticaian step one

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