Then your joys off my personal love commonly receive ye out-of most of the discomfort

13. I’m over you and inside you. My personal ecstasy is in a. My contentment is always to visit your delight.

14. Over, this new gemmed blue ‘s the naked splendour out-of Nuit; She curve inside ecstasy so you’re able to kiss The trick ardours of Hadit. The new winged globe, this new starry blue, Are mine, O Ankh-af-na-khonsu!

fifteen. Today ye shall be aware that brand new picked priest apostle out of infinite room ‘s the prince-priest this new Monster; and in his girl called the Bright red Lady is perhaps all strength provided. It shall gather my loved ones in their bend: they shall render the latest fame of your own celebs into hearts of males.

16. To have they are ever a sunlight, and she a moonlight. But so you’re able to him is the winged secret flames, and to her the newest stooping starlight.

21. For the God the fresh new Adorer I am nothing: they don’t really discover me. He is because through to our planet; I am Heaven, as there are hardly any other Goodness than just myself, and you will my lord Hadit.

twenty-two. Today, thus, I’m recognized to ye because of the my personal label Nuit, and also to him by the a secret label that i will give him whenever for a change he knoweth myself. Since i have in the morning Infinite Room, together with Infinite Famous people thereof, perform ye along with hence. Join absolutely nothing! Let there feel no huge difference made certainly your between anyone point any other thing; having and so here cometh damage.

Having you will find therein Around three Grades, the fresh Hermit, and Partner, plus the boy away from World

twenty-six. Upcoming saith the fresh new prophet and you can slave of one’s beauteous one: Just who are We, and what are brand new indication? And sign is going to be my personal ecstasy, the fresh awareness of your continuity of life, this new omnipresence off my body.

27. Then the priest responded told you unto the latest King from Place, making out the girl lovely brows, together with dew out-of the lady white bathrooms their body when you look at the a sweet-smell perfume out-of sweat: O Nuit, carried on certainly Heaven, let it getting actually ever hence; one to people talk not from Thee in general but as Not one; and allow them to speak maybe not off thee after all, because thou artwork proceeded!

30. Here is the production of the world, that the problems of department is really as little meetmindful, therefore the contentment off dissolution all the.

30. For these fools of men and their worries care and attention not thou after all! They feel nothing; what’s, try balanced from the weak delights; but ye try my personal chose ones.

thirty two. Obey my personal prophet! go after out the ordeals regarding my education! look for me just! This is so: We swear they from the container out of my own body; by my personal sacred center and language; by all of the I can give, by all of the I interest regarding ye all.

33. Then priest fell for the a-deep trance otherwise swoon, told you unto the fresh King from Paradise; Generate unto united states the new ordeals; generate unto you the brand new rituals; create unto us legislation!

34. But she told you: the fresh ordeals We build maybe not: the new traditions are going to be half of known and you will half concealed: regulations is for the.

36. My personal scribe Ankh-af-na-khonsu, this new priest of your own princes, shall maybe not in one page change that it guide; but lest truth be told there be folly, the guy should review with this of the skills regarding Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

37. Also the mantras and you may spells; brand new obeah in addition to wanga; the job of your rod and the really works of the blade; these he should discover and you may instruct.

Therefore she answered your, bendingdown, good lambent flames regarding bluish, all-holding, the penetrant, the girl charming give through to new black colored planet, the lady lithe body arched to own love, along with her smooth foot not hurting the little plant life: Thou knowest!

40. Exactly who phone calls all of us Thelemites will do no incorrect, in the event that he lookup but close into the keyword. Carry out just what thou wilt is the whole of the Legislation.

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