User Application

To enrich the business communications experience and empower collaboration, applications are critical in addition to IP telephony platforms. Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides a variety of software applications for business communications and collaboration.
iPECS UCS(Unified Communications Solution) is designed for enterprise business customers, Phontage is an IP based soft client that can fully replace a desktop keyset. TAPI based office CTI application and PC based attendant console are also available with all the platforms


iPECS UCS is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity enhancing application which is exclusively designed for small and medium sized businesses. Users can experience powerful UC solution without concerns over expenses thanks to a single server architecture. The rich features, capability and the ability to integrate 3rd party solutions are well-suited for small and medium sized customer’s UC environment.
* iPECS UCS feature set will be dependent on the types of license installed.
(Please refer to UCS datasheet for detailed license information.)


iPECS UCE is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity enhancing application which is exclusively designed for enterprises, unifying presence, instant messaging, voice, video, conference features. All collaboration tools are provided to ensure secure delivery of messages to a variety of devices including desktop, tablet and smart phone, creating a ubiquitous working environment.


iPECS eNMS(enterprise Network Management Solution) is a powerful tool for managing fault information, monitoring real-time status, maintaining call statistics and databases of multiple iPECS platforms and switches. iPECS eNMS is a web based application enabling communications managers to access iPECS eNMS via Internet Explorer from any PC. It employs standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to identify and “trap” events should a problem occur

iPECS ClickCall

iPECS ClickCall is a smart application used to make communications
simpler and easier when working with a PC. All you need to do is drag a telephone number from any Windows application such as a website, Windows document or any application running on your PC. You don’t need to memorize a phone number to make a call from a desktop phone. You can even reduce the chances of delays or mistakes made by pressing buttons when making a call in desktop phone.

for MS Lync/SfB

Through iPECS RCCV (Remote Call Control), users can easily handle outgoing/incoming calls with a simple click on MS Lync/SfB(Skype for Business). iPECS RCCV for integration with MS Lync/SfB consists of ‘RCC Gate way’ and ‘RCCV Client’. For flexible deploying on various office environments, iPECS RCC provides various scenarios. It provides two types of user scenario. Users can do remote control of iPECS desk phones with ‘RCC mode’ and SIP voice communication with ‘VC mode’. iPECS RCCV solution is available in Cloud Service solution as well as on-premise solution.